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Hand Carved Candles

A stylized angel with artfully fashioned wax wings is the main focal point of this beautiful hand carved candle. This beautiful Winged Angel candle has a height of nine inches, the matching tapers are ten inches.

Scented Votive Candles

Scented votives are made with a blend of fresh fragrant scents to set the mood for all of your surroundings! Delightfully created from mood inspiring fragrances, to create a unforgettable fragrant ambient experience.

Grecian Pillar Candles

Hand-poured Grecian Pillars are made from the labor of love. Inspired by the symmetry of the columns from ancient Greece, Grecian Pillars add a touch of romantic flair to any home or office setting.

Scented Travel Candles

Portable and durable, our Travel Tins are the perfect travel companion! Take your favorite Root Candle fragrances with you to freshen up your weekend cottage or to make your hotel room more inviting.


Diffusers are add visual interest and fragrance to any room. Diffusers are a great alternative to burning candles to meet your fragrant needs. Check out our selections of bottles, reeds and scented oils.

Bee’s Wax Candles

Big Dipper hand crafted bee’s wax candles are made of the highest quality ingredients and burn beautifully. Bee’s wax candles are a natural and safe way to enhance your living or work space.

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